Monday, 16 January 2012

Amber Heard in Donna Karan - 2012 Art Of Elysium Heaven Gala

I left the best for last...Amber Heard also attended the 2012 Art Of Elysium Heaven Gala on Saturday and boy did she make an impact. The stunning actress who I've been aware of for years literally forced me to write about her sensational look, I'd make up excuses in the past about not having time to include Amber but I can't contain it any more: the girl is a fashion icon in the making having had a wonderful 2011.H
Here she is looking like the number 1 bombshell of the decade. 

Dress: Custom Donna Karan

The sexy Amber wore this incredible, rose gold Donna Karan sequin gown that fit her like a glove - I didn't think it was humanly possible to be this hot but MY GOD, I was speechless! The flawless fit showed off her perfect figure to perfection and I'm still drooling over her, the gold looks outstanding with her golden waves. I've always said gold looks best on blondes and Amber just proved me very right. 

The blonde bombshell exuded confidence on the red carpet and outshone every single person there - when you look this hot, it's not hard! Amber has just made me fall head over heels in love with her even more after this, she's already on my 'Best Dressed of 2012' list! 

The blonde beauty was the perfect bombshell with her screen siren waves and perfect red pout - I can't stop saying how beautiful she looks because words don't do her justice, she just looks out of this world and I should stop before I sound crazy! 

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