Saturday, 30 July 2011

BAFTA ''Brits To Watch Gala'': Favourite Looks.

Hello people! I haven't posted in a while because I didn't think there was anything worth posting but I saw pictures of the BAFTA ''Brits To Watch Gala'' event which took place on July 10th and seeing as my girl Blake Lively was in attendance, I immediately felt like blogging!
As I'm sure everybody knows, The Duke & Duchess of Cambrigde aka William and Kate were in California over that weekend and I believe the event was in their honor because William was made president of the BAFTA awards! Here are some of my favourites from that night...

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen:

If there's one thing about me that everybody knows, its that I adore Catherine, like literally love her! I didn't like her very much in the beginning but the anticipation of her wedding just made me fall in love with her! She's so graceful and elegant and perfect, William and Catherine (I love calling her that) are such fantastic representatives of our country!
 As you can see here, she wore a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen design (obv) and looked absolutely magical!

I love that Kate didn't go over the top, the shade of the dress is lovely and it creates a lovely silhouette without going over board! Her hair and make-up looked beautiful as always, so fresh and understated yet powerful enough to make a statement!
P.S. Kate wore Jimmy Choo's...finally,I was getting sick of seeing her in LK Bennett but the girl changed it up, and they had a 5 inch heel, go Kate!  

Jennifer Lopez in Emilio Pucci A/W 2011:

The amazing J-LO was in attendance and wore this beautiful forest green Emilio Pucci dress. I'm in love with the colour, she's worn this kind of shade before and she's always looked fantastic, I'm also loving the two different shades of green - that embellished green is beautiful and the highlight of the dress for me!

The dress fits her like a glove and shows off her enviable curves to the maximum - she has such a beautiful and womanly shape! 
I actually cannot get over that embellished right arm...look at the colour and the detail, its insane and the main reason as to why I'm so obsessed with this dress, lol. 

I had to add this picture because she looks so gorgeous in it, plus we can see the dress in a different angle and see the detail a little closer! And of course, her famous derrière is another reason as to why I added it... ;)

Blake Lively in Marchesa S/S 2011:

My darling Blake was also in attendance and she showed up in this angelic and very embellished Marchesa gown looking absolutely stunning! Personally I think the dress is beautiful even some others weren't too complementary, I think the colour suits her and the embellishment around the ends, sleeve and chest is gorgeous, very nicely done and adds something special to the gown. 

I also like that she chose something quite off white because although it looks white its not quite, its been very lightly dip dyed towards the end where it meets the embellishment which is grey of course, she colour coordinated really well! Her shoes are amazing, they're Christian Louboutins for Marchesa from the Fall/Winter 2011 RTW collection, beautiful and delicate detail plus it has a really good heel! I love this whole look on Blake, its a different direction to her usual short dress combo (which I kinda miss to be honest)! 

Blake's hair & make-up on the night was also one of my favourites, she kept the make-up fresh looking with gold eye-shadow, plenty of mascara, flawless skin and peachy lip! Her hair was also a talking point, all the Blake obsessives will have noticed that she's quite a bit blonder than when we last saw her - she seems to have added a lot more highlights which eventually lightened up her hair a whole lot! I wasn't too sure of the hair in the beginning because I thought it looked a little yellow for her complexion but I've grown to like it!! 
Also, she's wearing Lorraine Schwartz diamond flower earrings as always, she looked stunning! 

See ya later! ;) 

Monday, 4 July 2011

Review: Beyoncé's ''4''

I haven't done a music review in a while so I thought it was only appropriate that I review an album that I'm really enjoying at the moment. Beyoncé released her fourth album 4 on June 28th, worldwide and I couldn't be more in love with it.
B has gone into a completely different direction for her new album, its not like I Am...Sasha Fierce at all, almost all of the songs are love songs whether about being broken hearted or being deeply in love with your man..Beyoncé knows how to speak to a woman's heart!

The cover for 4 is of a hot as hell Beyoncé posing almost naked and looking like the hottest chick in the world, no crazy graphics just B looking amazing against her own name with the 4 on her left...probably her best cover, yet. 

1) 1+1
The first track on 4 is 1+1, which, simply put is a very touching love song. B could've named it a lot of other things seeing as she only mentions the title once on the song but its only appropriate to give this song a unique name rather than something generic. I fell in love with this song from the second I saw B perform it on American Idol and I was sure it was going to be an epic song for her, it is! One of the lyrics go ''I don't know much about guns but I know, I've been shot by you'' is sang with so much passion and depth that you can really hear the love in B's voice, its an outstanding song!

2) I Care
As I said in the beginning of this post, the majority of the album is about love..and its many forms! I Care is a beautiful song about a relationship in which the man seems to not care at all for the woman etc, its beautifully sung as always and B's emotion once again shines through. It starts of very slowly with ''I told you how you hurt me baby but you don't care, now I'm crying and deserted baby, but you don't care'' and then moves into more up tempo while remaining on the same level of emotion and general theme of the song. I love this song because its such a common feeling women everywhere have and B isn't afraid to put it out there, I Care for you B!

3) I Miss You
I Miss You is arguably one of my favourite songs on this album, she's changed the tempo from being heartbroken to missing her lover. I primarily love this song because once again Beyoncé channels so much emotion with her voice that its difficult to not get teary eyed with this song, its so slow yet powerful because the words speak so simply yet strongly. One of my favourite lyrics is '' It hurts my pride to tell you how I feel but I need to, why is that'' because its once again such a common feeling and to hear someone say it out loud can be heart wrenching. I absolutely love this song, its so heartbreaking that its hard not to!

4) Best Thing I Never Had
Now this song is already well known so it won't come as a surprise to those who haven't heard the album yet. Best Thing I Never Had is about a previous relationship in which you're glad finished before it got complicated, its definitely an anthem for women everywhere! A favourite lyric of mine is the opening ''What goes around, comes back around, my baby'', she sings it so smugly that I can't help but smile when she sings that part, I love this song and cannot wait for the music video!!

5) Party ft André 3000
B collaborated with André 3000 & Kanye West on Party even though he's not credited in the title. I would say Party is the weakest song on the album and not because its a bad song, its not, its actually a nice, chilled out song with a catchy chorus. It simply isn't to the standard of the other songs in my opinion, with that said my favourite part if the chorus in which B sings ''Cuz we like to party, ey, ey,e y''...very catchy!

6) Rather Die Young
Rather Die Young starts out slow and movies into a 70's vibe, its all about B preaching that she'd rather die young than live her life without her man. I would put this in the same league as Party, its good but its not the best on the album, there are other songs which are much better! I would happily have traded Rather Die Young and Party for two songs on the Deluxe edition of the album!

7) Start Over
I love this song because its B back to her best! Its about B realising her relationship has gone as far as it can and starting over! I would say its a lot like the beginning of the album, which is why I like it and like I've said a thousand times before, Beyoncé really goes for it as far as vocals go in this song, the emotion and lyrics are beautiful! ''Lets start over, we can't let our good love die''...

8) Love on Top
With Love on Top, B moved into a 70's vibe once again. It's a love song (obv) with a slight up tempo sound and lots of harmonies, it actually reminds me of a lot of Solange Knowles' material...Beyoncé even sounds like her sister on this track its quite strange! Its a great song, perfect for dedicating to somebody (lol) and moves slightly away from the previous ballads, '' Honey, honey, I can see the stars all the way from here..''

9) Countdown
Ahh I've been waiting for this song!! I absolutely adore Countdown, its the most up tempo song after Run the World (Girls) and of course its about L O V E! I pretty much love this song because of the spontaneity of the lyrics, its up tempo yet something you would dedicate to your lover. B counts from 10 to 1 all the things that go on between her and her man! I adore the beginning because its just B ad libbing with a very 90's vibe, my favourite part is ''Still love he talks, still love the way I girls can't tell me nothing I'm gone in the brain''...I LOVE this song, its one my absolute favourites!

10) End of Time
Before I review End of Time, let me just say, it has the sickest beat in the beginning...completely unexpected going by the title of the song! The drums are sick, damn I can't get it outta my head! End of Time is as expected, a love song yet a lot more harmonious than its preceders! One of my favourite parts is ''I'll be your baby, promise not to let you go, love you like crazy'' it has that special B touch...she's loud and proud! If anything, listen to the beginning..its amazing!

11) I Was Here
I Was Here is in my opinion, the most powerful song on the whole album. I instantly fell in love with it from the first listen and I was hungry for more, its such a beautiful ballad that I struggled to get it outta my head from the first listen! It was written by the amazing Dianne Warren who has written some of the most touching ballads ever, its very haunting and genuinely makes you think about life unlike most songs out there. I love this song from beginning to end so its difficult to chose a favourite part although I'm going with this '' I was here, I lived, I loved, I was here, I did, I've done..'' I could go on about this song all day to be honest, I think it's Beyoncé's best ballad yet, its so beautiful and inspiring! I was here...

12) Run the World (Girls)
I'm sure everyone has heard this song by now, I for one, adore this song and I'm aware that a lot of others don't but I don't care. I think its typical Beyoncé, feminist message, loud beats and crazy lyrics with an amazing music video! I'm in love with the sample of Pon de Floor and the Tofu Tofu dancing at the beginning of the video...Beyoncé looks as beautiful as ever, she gets hotter by the year seriously! Back to the song, I love it because its pretty much the only song on the album you can really dance to, its up tempo and great, ''Who run the world, GIRLS!!'', what more could you ask for?!

Take a look at the vid for yourself, and speaking of fashion, how amazing does she look in that yellow Emilio Pucci cut out dress, its heaven!!:

You didn't think we were finished did you? B also has a deluxe edition of 4, with a different cover this time (It's also the one I bought) and with 3 other songs, so naturally, we gotta review those too! Btw, I prefer the original cover but this is great too, that purple really pops!

1) Lay Up Under Me

Lay Up Under Me isn't the most stand-out track but its still catchy and appropriate as a deluxe edition track, its got the same vibe as Love On Top in my opinion, very harmonious with a 70's edge. Its definitely a great song and deserving to end up being on the album overall.

2) Schoolin' Life

Now this is better than the previous song! It's catchy, energetic and the chorus is fantastic! Its all about living life to the fullest with many examples from Ms B, I love the message in the song and the beat is pretty sick too! My favourite part is ''And I'm crazy, all day, all night. Who needs a degree when you're Schoolin  life''...amazing. 

3) Dance for You 

This is definitely the best song on the deluxe edition and probably the most explicit too! Dance for You is all about dancing & seducing your man, its very sexy Beyoncé with such sensual lyrics. I think its the most sexual song on the album overall, its very romantic & sexy but also pretty emotional because its all about loving your partner to the fullest and while I love the entire song this part ''Wanna show you how much I really care about your heart, Wanna show you how much I hate being apart'' is beautiful and touches my heart a lot. I love this song, its definitely in my top 5 for the entire album!

Overall, I think Beyoncé's album is the best of the year so far after Adele's 21. I'm in love with Britney's Femme Fatale and Gaga's Born this Way but 4 touches the heart & soul, its so much more deep and a record only an established artist could come out with. I think its the best album of Beyoncé's career so far, she's incredibly inspiring and vulnerable on this record, she's grown as a person and it shows. I love this and I recommend it hugely, 10/10 for sure! <3!