Friday, 14 September 2012

Christina Aguilera - Your Body Debut!!

Helloo fashion and music lovers everywhere!

I haven't updated by blog since June, yes I'm terrible and I'm also very sorry! I've started a college course which has been taking up my time recently but in the meantime I have to share this!!

As most people know, I'm a die-hard Christina Aguilera fan! I've been waiting all day to hear the worldwide debut of her new single 'Your Body' and I'm already so in love with it, obsessed might be a better word though!
She's back at her sexiest with lines such as 'All I wanna do is love your body' and 'Don't even tell me you're name all I need to know is who's place'...this is the Xtina I love! I've loved every single album of hers regardless of what critics and others have said, I thought Bionic was fantastic and incredibly underrated! She's back with a vengeance though, I can feel it! This is going to be the club banger of the year, it will make you go crazy on the dance floor!

The legend herself revealed that her new album is called 'Lotus' and will released on November 13th, I'm extremely excited!! 'Your Body' is out on Monday 17th, I for one cannot wait to buy it off iTunes!

Here's the song! Go listen, now!