Monday, 27 December 2010

Unforgettable Fashion: Givenchy

I'm going to start a series of posts called Unforgettable Fashion, it will basically be about certain pieces or collections that I have found inspirational, different and most of all attention grabbing. All the pieces I will write about will be things I find truly beautiful and an example of when a designer out does themselves.

First up, a stunning and completely unforgettable embellished jacket from Heaven or...Givenchy's Haute Couture 2009 Collection. First time I saw it, I just stared and wondered how on earth something so beautiful was possible, I wanted it soooo badly but unfortunately I will never own it, that's ok I'm cool with just looking at it I guess.

The gold piece underneath it put the whole thing together, if I was to wear this jacket I would wear it exactly like they've styled it here. Simple black harem pants but above the hips is something entirely mesmerizing...thank you Ricardo for creating this masterpiece! Out of all the things in that collection this caught my eye instantly and held it too.

Here it is being modelled by the beautiful Natasha Poly:

Heaven on Earth is all I can say!

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