Monday, 20 December 2010

What's Next?

Just a little update of whats to come on later today or even tomorrow, I'll try my best to get all of these three things done by tonight though.

1) Blake Lively: A little chat about a few of her dresses from a certain designer and possibly another post about her make-up since I am quite obsessed with cosmetics.

2) Katy Perry: A little chat about my dear Katy, who I adore. It will mostly be about her beautiful dresses and gorgeous make-up, can't wait! 

3) Christina Aguilera: Since she is my favourite singer of all time, I need to somehow include her in my blog. I'll discuss everything from fashion to make-up to her music. She might not exactly be a fashion icon to some but I've loved her for too long to care about anyone else's opinion on her.

And that's what's coming up, not sure in what order I'll write everything but they are the main subjects.


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