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Fashion History: Leighton Meester in 2010

I have quite a few fashion icons but never have I been as obsessed with the clothes that a person wears the way I am with Leighton Meester's! She's a fashion Goddess!
She's one of those women who's wardrobe gives you serious envy but at the same time you admire her for being different while always being on trend.

She has the fashion world at her feet and has worn pretty much every designer worth talking about! Oh and did I mention she's the new face of Missoni and Vera Wang's new perfume 'Lovestruck'? Yeah...

In this post I'm going to go through her 2010 outfits that stood out for me, here we go!

1)  Leighton in Louis Vuitton at Eric Daman's book launch:

Being head to toe (well actually the heels are Balenciaga!) in Vuitton is every girls' dream, lucky thing!
The whole look is straight of the runway and I thought it looked fantastic even though others thought it was a little 'strange'..whatever.

2) Leighton in Hervé Léger:

Those beautiful boots we're staring at are Givenchy FYI. And that Hervé Léger dress is a dream on her, Leighton is pretty thin with not much of a bust so it's difficult to call her 'curvy' but this dress hugs her in all the right places and shows off a feminine figure. She should wear this kinda length more often it makes her hips and legs look amazing!

3) Leighton in Giambattista Valli at the premiere of Date Night: 

Looking natural and soft in the midst of those tough Phi heels. This dress was pretty much like Marmite for the fashion critics, you either loved it or hated it. I will admit at the beginning I wasn't feeling it but I grew to really like it, it's different, it's eye catching and she looks great in it!
Oh and I'm very jealous at how amazing she looks with the most minimal make-up..I've always said she was ridiculously beautiful naturally lol!

4) Leighton in Marc Jacobs at the MET Ball in 2010:

Unfortunately for us Leighton lovers she wasn't able to walk the red carpet for the MET Ball because she was working and running late but she did manage to attend the After Party! This Marc Jacobs dress is so fairy like, ethereal and sort of forest - like, you know what I mean? The colours are beautiful and so is the detail but it's a shame Leighton wasn't too made up but she had a good excuse, the only real complaint I have for the dress is that I think it should have been more fitted, if that meant wearing a smaller size then so be would've looked better if it sort of hugged her instead of falling loose as it falls right on her chest where she isn't very full. I still love you though Leighton!!

5) Leighton in Hervé Léger at a Herbal Essences photo call:

This Hervé dress is absolutely gorgeous, one of those dresses that probably any girl out there dreams of wearing! Those Pierre Hardy heels look painful but sometimes have to suffer for fashion, it's the truth! I think the blonde in her hair looked amazing on her and completented the cream & embellishment of the dress. She definitely rocks girly and short dresses like a pro!

6) Leighton in Erdem with a Chanel bag:

Walking around Paris covered in Erdem, Chanel & Louboutins...what else could you want?!
This whole Erdem outfit is gorgeous, the colours look fantastic on her and the different prints mix well together. That little Chanel bag is just oh Lord...what I would do to own it, that's all I'm saying! And well, those Louboutins aren't exactly unnoticeable, those babies are beauties and I would like those too, please!
Oh Leighton, when will you stop being perfect?!

7) Leighton in Chanel at the Chanel Haute Couture 2011 Show:

It has been my dream to see Leighton at Chanel and it finally came true! Looking sexy as hell, she opted for black leather in the middle of a Parisian summer (brave girl!) with a ton of jewellery and wore arguably the most beautiful Louboutins I've ever seen...all hail Leighton! Her hair and make-up was perfection and she was definitely a stand out at the show, probably the best dressed there!


8) Leighton in Emilio Pucci:

Well, hello Leighton! So many dresses, so little time! This Emilio Pucci number is gorgeous and quite summery looking apart from the long sleeves, none the less I wouldn't mind owning it, haha! Looking amazing as always, she's paired it with some gorgeous Louboutins that are pretty much the same colour as the dress. It's a fun and sexy look, definitely a stand out!

9) Leighton in Versus at Fashion's Night Out in NYC:

Daring as always in this tiny cut out dress from Versus. The electric blue looks amazing against her dark hair, she definitely won't get lost in the crowd! Another dress, another Louboutin is the thing with Leighton..then again, who could blame her?! Some weren't too fond of this get up but I actually really liked it, it wasn't subtle but it was fun and sexy, so why the hell not?!

10) Leighton in The Row & Proenza Schouler:

The sweater is The Row and the pants are, is all I can say! Those boots and the blue pants certainly call for attention! She looked especially beautiful that night, I love it when she has long hair that's a cool  brown, it's Leighton at her best! I just want all of it, give me all of it!

11) Leighton in Emilio de la Morena at Roger Vivier's Fashion's Night Out:

Looking beautiful in a mini Emilio de la Morena, he always seems to create extremely sexy little dresses! This beauty is stunning and Leighton rocks it like it's the last dress on Earth! Her chic updo definitely lets the attention fall on the dress and amazing shoes..oh to be Leighton!

12) Leighton in Chanel at the re opening of their Soho Boutique:

Another Chanel dress for Leigh, more conservative than the previous but still chic and gorgeous. Her shoes are insane!! And that necklace is God's Gift, seriously, it's absolutely stunning! You can never go wrong with a LBD paired with killer heels..preferably Chanel! I'm kidding....ha.

13) Leighton in Marc Jacobs at V Magazine celebration:

Adorable in Marc Jacobs, this dress is beautifully girly and it works well with her bag. She just looks lovely and girly which isn't very common with Leighton, she looks amazing as always though, non?

14) Leighton in Proenza Schouler at their Spring 2011 fashion show, NY:

Her bare midriff caused a little controversy for some reason, I think she looks great! She's slim, toned and in fantastic shape..ehh some people! Yeah she's showing quite a lot of skin but so what, she has guts and she can pull it off, go Leighton! I think the little sweater & skirt combination was fantastic!

14) Leighton in Elie Saab:

This gorgeous powder blue dress was favoured by many and rightfully so! Both the dress and heels are by Elie Saab FYI, she just looks lovely! The up do and minimal make-up keep the attention on the dress, well done to Leighton for wearing Elie Saab, one of the most feminine and beautiful dress makers out there!

15) Leighton in Giambattista Valli:

Looking cute in a straight of the runway dress from Giambattista Valli, very demure and natural. I love the two tone dress and the Ferregamo heels are beautiful but what really caught my eye is her necklace, it definitely adds a little detail to the simplicity of the dress. Another lovely look!

16) Leighton in Marc Jacobs at the Nashville premiere of Country Strong:

One of Leighton's less demure looks of know what I was a little shocked and in WTF mode when I first saw it but I've kinda grown to like it. It's not that bad you guys, she wears it with confidence and that is extremely important! After staring at it for a while I can sort of see how it gells together, you have to focus though lol!

17) Leighton in Emilio Pucci at the CMA Awards, 2010:

Another stunning Emilio Pucci dress, it's a summery dress in the middle of Autumn but then again Leighton has never been one to follow rules, non? The material and the lightness of the dress work perfectly with her low maintenance hair and those Jimmy Choo  'Ciara' platforms are beautiful. A definite 5/5 for Leighton!

18) Leighton in Prabal Gurung at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards:

This pretty dress by Prabal Gurung was custom made for Meester I believe (she was also his date for the event!) She stood out from the crowd in this gorgeous creation and the Roger Vivier heels go nicely with it! She upstaged Lively who wore a beautiful Chanel dress but kinda ruined it by wearing a white bra underneath..which completely showed when photographed, oops!

19) Leighton in Marchesa at Harry Winston Event:

The jumpsuit that got everyone talking...It's a pretty crazy look, I will admit that and it is quite an unusual piece but at least she wore it with confidence, right? Not her best look but still a standout and I usually love anything Marchesa/Leighton so I'm not going to be mean about it, I'll let her off this time!

20) Leighton in Versus promoting Herbal Essences in Madrid:

One of the prettiest dresses she wore last year, for sure! It's ridiculously cute and you can never go wrong with a LBD (especially when it's Versus ;) Hold on a minute though..what are those shoes I see?! Those beautiful peacock inspired heels are the Pierre Hardy 'Nebula' sandals and were very talked about, rightfully so if you ask me! Most definitely one of her best looks for 2010 and undoubtedly one of her best jealous!

21) Leighton in Thom Browne at Gotham Independent Film Awards:

Never one to shy away from anything, naturally Leighton wore a suit instead of a pretty little dress to an Awards show and boy did it get people talking! This tough but pretty suit from men's tailor Thom Browne looks fantastic on Leigh because 1) It's clearly been tailored to fit her perfectly although not in an obvious way and the masculinity remains with the tie. 2) She looks a little grungy which helps her achieve the look she's going for and those Ferragamo heels help too ;)
These kind of outfits are one of the many reasons I adore Leighton, she wears what ever the hell she wants and clearly doesn't give a shit whether it's liked by the press or not..go girl!

22) Leighton in Christian Dior at the Los Angeles premiere of Country Strong:

Last but not least, she wore this straight off the runway dress from Christian Dior's Spring 2011 collection along with Pierre Hardy wedges that complemented the fun colours on the dress perfectly. It's one of her more girlie dresses and it's nice to see her in bright colours once in a while and besides, you can never go wrong with Dior!

That's it folks, those are the outfits worn by Leighton in 2010 that really caught my eye, I hope you like/love them just as much as I do! Oh and I might have another Leighton post straight after this one, that's how much I love her!



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