Friday, 17 December 2010


Hello everyone!

My name is Megi! I'm only 18 but I definitely have a lot to say about fashion/beauty/celebrities..everything in general! I started this blog based on the fact that I'd have a space where I can just throw my opinions about whatever I want in a place where I felt comfortable..I guess...I'm constantly searching/looking/talking/thinking about FASHION & CELEBRITIES (no, not in that way) so I thought why not start a blog...maybe someone out there might like it and want my opinion on it, thats exactly what I'm going to do!

My blogs will most likely always be about either Fashion/Beauty/Celebrities/Gossip (maybe) or even a little about me!

You might be a little confused as to why I've called my blog MeesterVsLively..well, I don't mean it as in I'm constantly going to compare the two but hey as far as fashion goes..they are my Queens right now, I might as well dedicate my blog to someone/something!

Oh and if you know know I'm obsessed with Gossip Girl so don't be suprised if I suddenly spam my blog with GG content!

I'm going to try and blog daily about what ever springs to mind so get ready!


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