Friday, 17 December 2010

Meester Vs Lively

Well, it's only right that I dedicate an entry to my blog's title so here it is guys..Meester Vs Lively!

Not to come across as bitchy or anything but I LOVE comparing people/things, it's a habit I have and I happen to love comparing these two ladies!

I might be a little bias because I admit, I prefer Leighton..she's my God!

And you know what, to me Leighton is Beautiful, whereas Blake is Sexy..yeah I said it, I prefer Leighton's face to Blake's BUT I prefer Blake's figure to Leighton's...those legs give me serious envy!

Isn't she just perfect?!

I love her hair colour, BODY, clothes...she's stunning! And that damn Chanel dress left me speechless!   

More to come guys, I'll compare it ALL if you want me my 0 followers (LOL) who do you guys prefer?

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