Friday, 17 December 2010

Women I Find Beautiful

Since one of my main subjects is Beauty, I thought why not just randomly say who I find the most attractive. I'm only going to state women I find beautiful, the reason I'm not doing men is because I think women are generally more attractive, don't call me a lesbian yet because I'm not but that's just how I see it...

Now to the good part, I'm not sure if I'm going to put them in order but my number 1 is......Angelina Jolie. I LOVE her, her movies, her face..I could go on all day, let me just put a picture up!!

She's the perfect example of what I find beautiful, someone with a distinctive feature/features and someone who is truly beautiful in quite an obvious way. Her face is pure perfection, end of story!

Leighton Meester (suprise, suprise lol)

Those eyes, those lips...she does have a very unique lip shape! Her face in general is just perfection to my eyes, I can't point out anything wrong with her..her big brown eyes make me want to have brown eyes and I love my baby blues, thats saying something! And she's soooo naturally pretty, thats hard to find these days!

Jessica Stam (one of my favourite models!)

Now...looking at Jessica, it's not difficult to see why I find her amazingly beautiful! One specific thing about her though stands out the most to me....her EYES, they are possibly the most beautiful pair I've ever seen...completely hypnotizing and unique! And not to mention she's stunning, just look at the girl!
She's very delicate/young looking and  will probably look like she's 17 forever (lucky thing!), she's very much a porcelain doll kind of beauty.

Freja Beha Erichsen

Freja, to me is the perfect fashion model. She's what some call 'quirky' looking but also a stunning beauty. Her unique yet beautiful feature are what makes her extremely attractive, she may have an androgynous look to her but she's also feminine looking in some of her shoots. And I have Lagerfeld on my side, she hasn't been in six Chanel campaigns for nothing...this girl is special.

Keira Knightley 

She's what I call 'English Rose with an edge'. While Keira may be breathtakingly beautiful and what the English call an English Rose, she has an edge to her. I can't quite pin point it but there's something about her that makes you wonder...
I remember the moment I realised she was stunning, there was a picture of her & Sienna Miller of a movie they did together and Keira was just breathtaking, beauty at it's finest.

Blake Lively

While not everyone may call Blake beautiful , hey even I don't think she's a classic beauty but she sure as hell is attractive. She might not be the most beautiful woman in the world but she is definitely very pretty, the picture above proves it. What I like about Blake is the way she carries herself, she's always polished, fantastic hair (her hair colour is my dream!), fantastic style...the girl can dress! And the fact that she has the figure of a model doesn't hurt either, I would go as far as saying her body is the most attractive thing about her..who wouldn't want legs like hers?!

More to come lovelies!


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