Saturday, 5 November 2011

100th Post!!

Hello my lovelies, this is to honour my 100th post on Blogspot, I joined late last year and haven't looked back! I wasn't posting regularly in the beginning but I've gotten a lot better and I love updating everyone on my fashion views and all the fashionable celebrities you all know I love.
I may not have any followers but I honestly couldn't be less bothered about that, I see this more as something for myself to look back on and as a place to just let my opinions out - I enjoy it so much, I'm addicted, nothing is more satisfying than finishing a post quickly and posting LOL.
In honour of this 100th post, (I see it as a landmark) I've compiled some pictures to best represent my writing and favourites, a combination of people and things I adore basically!

I love her...

And I love her...

Even better when they're together! B & L in Paris, 2010.

Baddest bitch on the block is no doubt Miss RiRi! 

Probably my favourite SJP dress EVER...along with the next one. 

My obsession with this look runs deep, I LOVE IT! 

Another Burberry Prorsum outfit that I've been dreaming of for years, Kate looked the best I'd literally ever seen her in this get-up, I'm obsessed with the whole outfit but that skirt in particular! 

I love Florence Welch and I love Blake Lively...perfect! 

Marion's beautiful Chanel Couture dress still blows my mind when I see it even after all these years.

Gotta love Megan plus that yellow dress literally lights up, hard to ignore!

My beloved Abbey Lee who I'm obsessed with, everything about her is perfect - such a beauty and fixture on the runway!

My other model obsession Freja, who everyone knows I'm in love with - I mean look at that face, she's amazing

If you saw my first ever post you all know how much I adore Keira Knightley, not only is she a brilliant actress she's a rare beauty whose looks always hypnotize me. 

The amazingly beautiful Mila Kunis has had a wonderful year and I'm pleased as we get to see her dressing superbly plus I love her face - ugh! 

Katy produced one of my favourite 2010 albums Teenage Dream so I can't help but love her plus her songs are the shit, no doubt.

Everyone loves Rosie, including me...can you imagine why? Sick body, mesmerizing face - she has it all! Look at those lips!

Well I love Karlie so of course she's on here, the girl might be young but her runway walk is so panther-like that it will blow your mind, damn! 

Adriana has been a favourite of mine since I even knew what a model was, her drop dead beautiful face was what attracted me and she keeps getting better, I can honestly say that she's probably the most beautiful human on the plant! 

The last model is the gorgeous Anja Rubik whose always been a favourite of mine for various reasons, she's just sensational and the typical Balmain girl - which I love. 

My favourite singer of all time Christina was always going to be on this list - my love for her will never die, she's an inspiration and a gift to our world! 

Last but never least, my favourite actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie - I've been a fan for years and I always will be, everything about her is sensational and come on look at how beautiful she is, painfully so! 

I think that's it for now, if I remember anyone else I'll add them later.

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