Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Gossip Girl: Season 4 Bloopers!!

My favourite show on Earth, Gossip Girl had its Season 4 DVD released yesterday and I've been dying to see the bloopers (you know, when they mess up their lines and laugh about it, lol) as I've yet to buy the DVD :'( ...I will be buying it soon though! In the meantime though some lovely people have uploaded it onto YouTube for all to see!
Of course, like all Blair/Serena maniacs I was searching for moments between my two favourite actresses and there were a few and OMFG I freaked - could they be more adorable?!

I love every single cast member and there are so many memorable moments from Penn's ''I almost called you Leighton'' to Leighton's ''Hmm lesbian sex'' LMFAO.
My absolute favourite moments are :
1:45 - 1:47
2:55 - 2:58
4:56 - 5:02   Can't imagine why though, lol, I'm a freak for Blake/Leighton!!


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