Monday, 15 August 2011

Balmain Resort 2012

The latest resort collections have been released and boy do they look good! Balmain happens to be one of my favourite labels and it also happens to have a new designer at the helm: Olivier Rousteing who has taken over from Decarnin. His designs have that classic Balmain detail and punkiness yet they have an air of freshness about them, the collection has 27 pieces in total but I'm only going to include my very favourites and maybe even give little hints about who I want to see in them! 

This dress is beautifully detailed and something a young starlet could wear to a Premiere or fashion event.

I'm loving the skirt, it can be paired with so many different pieces and you'd have a beautiful outfit.

I love the amount of jewel gold that has been included in this collection and almost has a McQueen feel with the intricate - almost snake like detail.

I love the fit of this dress, it looks beautiful on Kasia (model), its very tight but so gorgeous and it would make a real impact on the red carpet! I think Leighton Meester would look perfect in this.

I adore the skirt in this look, it seems Rousteing has gone for put together outfits with one particular piece receiving all of the attention and in this case, that skirt is screaming for attention! 

I chose this mostly because of that beautiful jacket, the colours and detail are insane. This jacket could either be worn at an event or even better, on a Gossip Girl cast member - can you imagine Blair or Serena in this? OMFG! 

I'm sure all the fashion bunnies out there recognise this look as it was worn by the gorgeous Zoe Saldana a few weeks ago and she sure as hell proved it can be worn to a red carpet event, although you don't need a reason to wear Balmain. 

This tiny play suit is featured on here because I love the fact that he's turned something so simple (play suit) into a red carpet candidate, any daring fashion darling could pull this off with some attitude and those beautiful shoes! 

After rows of shorts, jackets, short dresses we have this beautiful black gown which while it isn't a classic red carpet dress, it would look beautiful flowing against a sea of sugary dresses - if anyone wants to make an impact, I suggest this.

The above jacket caught my attention straight away when I was browsing the look book and wow, its classic Balmain, its luxurious and something every fashionista out there wants to get their claws on! 

This amazing, beautiful & breathtaking white dress is my favourite piece in the whole collection - its so clean and the gold detail in the middle is absolutely beautiful. It's been styled with a large belt and clean white jacket which really adds to the beauty of it. It's different from Decarnin's Balmain but I love it and would love it even more if someone worthy would wear it on the red carpet! 

Last but certainly not least, is this beautiful white & gold short dress. This whole collection has has specks of gold all over the white pieces and it looks absolutely divine, the hanging of the gold fringing on the side of the dress adds some punk into it but it remains classic with those clean lines and beautiful shape - Leighton Meester was put on this earth to wear this and most of the other dresses in my opinion! 

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