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MET Gala 2011: Alexander McQueen's 'Savage' beauty

So, let me start of by saying that I'm aware that this post is long overdue and I have posted in the past few weeks and the honest reason I've avoided this post is because there was SO much material to work with that I couldn't find the time to include everything I liked.  However, here I am tonight and it's 1:09am here in the UK and I thought 'hey what the hell, I'll give it a go', so I am!

This year the MET Gala was honouring the late Alexander McQueen who is one of my favourite designers of all time, his originality and creativeness is something everyone should aspire to. When hearing that he'd passed away, I felt a real sadness because he was so iconic, bold and unafraid to take risks with his designs that it just inspired me and those around him to let their craziness out...and I have many times, lol.
I dedicate this whole post to the man that is greatly missed by those close to him and by the entire fashion world, a real pioneer in creativeness, the phenomenal Alexander McQueen.

Here are my favourite looks at this years MET Gala:

Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander McQueen Fall 2005:

Sarah's dress blew me away as soon as I saw a glimpse of it, utterly beautiful! The detail in the dress is out of this world and it fits her like a glove, she always was a McQueen favourite and I'm not surprised at all that she wore his design!

I think her hair was stunning and complemented her dress perfectly. SJP was definitely one of the best dressed, she looked sensational!

Rihanna in Stella McCartney:

RiRi's gorgeous dress was custom made and all I can say is wow, she looks sexy as hell! I had no idea the dress had a split until I saw other pictures and I must say, Rihanna was brave to wear it because it is very revealing!

Looking drop dead gorgeous in her lace gown, Rihanna's dress was one to remember! Her fiery red hair was extra long for this occasion and in a side braid. She paired her look with dark berry lips which I wouldn't have put on her but none the less, her gorgeous emerald earrings stood out for the right reasons! Top marks for RiRi! And that view from behind, ;)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Burberry:

Rosie's pink custom made Burberry gown is a favourite of mine because of the sheer simplicity of it, its not too overpowering yet still very appropriately sexy for her. She always looks great to me, she has a body to die for and I'm just loving this dress on her, top marks!

Isn't she just gorgeous?! With a face like that, Rosie could pull anything off! Her hair & make-up were quite simple, a little smoky eye with gorgeous hair, nothing to distract attention from her dress!

Freida Pinto in Chanel Spring 2010 Haute Couture:

The lovely Frida wore this gorgeous Chanel which I love for simply being completely different to the rest of the Chanel girls and everyone else! She wore it with confidence and it shined through, a definite stand out, I just love the contrast between the silky white and the black tie its very Karl like!

Simple wavy hair and a red lip put Frida's look together, she definitely made Karl and Chanel supporters proud with this gorgeous dress!

Gwyneth Paltrow in Stella McCartney:

Looking as sexy as ever, does Gwyneth not age or what? She has a body to die for!! I love the way this Stella McCartney dress looks on her, she has the long body that is needed to pull this off and looks as statuesque as any model could! Her lovely blonde hair definitely helps to pull this of, it's similar to SJP's dress yet with less embellishment and detail but it just goes to show that you don't have to go over the top to stand out! Love it!

Well, if you had Gwyneth's legs you would show them off too! ;)

Diane Kruger in Jason Wu Fall 2011 RTW:

Looking as fabulous as ever in Jason Wu, Diane remained loyal for the second year running! I'm just loving this dress because its almost understated if it wasn't for that thigh split which paves the way for sexy, the embellished top half really makes this look rememberable whereas the black skirt adds a chicness which always seems to travel with Diane wherever she goes.

It's only right that Diane flashed some leg, after all its all the rage these days! Joshua Jackson is one lucky man, that's all I'm saying! To conclude, I love her side swept blonde locks and that dash of bright red lipstick, very classic!

Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen Pre S/S 2011:

The gorgeous Salma just gave us all a lesson on how to wear nudes, looking all kinds of delicious in this McQueen gown! Her gown is phenomenal to me, the big rose wrapped around her waist just makes it all look so romantic (not that it needed help!) and her even more angelic, a beautiful dress on a beautiful woman!

As any McQueen fan, she teamed her stunning gown with a McQueen knuckle clutch which oddly didn't toughen up her gown it simply blended with everything else and let the dress do the talking!
Salma's hair is also another thing I loved about her look, it looks so carefree in that cut and style, it just accentuates the detail in the dress even more because it matched the floatiness of it. And her body is to die for, as far as I'm concerned a model couldn't have worn the dress better, it needs curves!

Kristen Stewart in Proenza Schouler:

For starters, I didn't like this dress when I first saw it but I've grown fond over it because of how much the colour complements Kristen, she looks gorgeous and should definitely wear red more often! I believe this dress was made especially for her by the Proenza duo and she also attended with them. what a lovely trio!
I think the black pattern in the dress gives it that extra edge that really made me appreciate it.

Looking very smouldering indeed, Kristen's dress had a thigh split to give it a little sexyness, she just looks fantastic!

Eva Mendes in Stella McCartney Spring 2011:

Eva Mendes always looks sensational so you shouldn't be surprised that she's one of my best dressed. Her gorgeous Stella McCartney dress has the most beautiful shade of dark blue, its just like a jewel. I think the simplicity of the gown is altered by the colour and the beautiful material that moves so freely.

I picked this dress as one of my favourites because of the sheer confidence it exudes, strong colours and romantic material make Eva's dress a winner for me! I love her and her dress!

Kirsten Dunst in Chanel Fall 2010 Haute Couture:

The beautiful Kristen went with her favourite designer, Chanel, for this years MET Gala. She chose this gorgeous creation from the label's Fall 2010 Couture collection which has been worn by starlets all around Hollywood so she decided to give this particular dress an outing! The beautiful colours and detail certainly makes it a winner for me because it complements Kristen's pale skin & blonde hair beautifully.

I'm loving Kristen's fashion choices as of late and this is no different, her dress is very Chanel and yet very Kristen, its a true beauty which deserves to be on Best Dressed lists everywhere! Her fresh hair and make-up really give her a youthfulness that makes me love this whole look even more! Loving it!

Leighton Meester in Louis Vuitton:

And now for the love of my life, Leighton Meester! My girl once again rocked Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs, she's been wearing his designs for three years straight and I feel a fantastic relationship forming! The gorgeous dress was made especially for Leighton and I'm hearing it took a very long time to make (because who wouldn't wear custom made Louis Vuitton?!) and the end result was just sensational! The black, the leather and S&M look give it an upper hand in the sea of legs and thigh splits that we saw throughout the evening.

The picture above really shows the craftsmanship in the dress and every little detail that sometimes black can drown out, its just a beautiful piece of art and my gosh that is a lot of leather! Leighton paired her look with Vuitton cage booties which I liked but would've preferred if she's worn a stiletto as the booties sort of shorten her legs: just a suggestion! Btw, look at those curves this dress has created, wow!
P.S. Leighton wore Cathy Waterman Diamond mesh earrings and a flower motif diamond ring, also by Cathy Waterman!

Leighton's high pony tail was there for everyone to see, you really couldn't miss it, very sleek and powerful! Her make-was also very fresh and natural with only a prominent flick of black eyeliner and mascara, she does like the natural look! I definitely like Leighton's make-up but I would've gone with some eye shadow on the eye and not make the eyeliner so severe, soften it and smudge it up rather but none the less she looked like perfection :)

Blake Lively in Chanel Fall 2009 Haute Couture:

As you can see, I left my favourite dress for last. I think Blake looked like a goddess in this sari style dress from Chanel's Fall 2009 Couture collection! The see through sheath underneath with the gorgeous iridescent sari just looked phenomenal and totally different to other Chanel clad ladies. It wasn't an obvious choice from Blake's because she tends to go for sexier and more revealing styles but there is most definitely something sexy about this dress, its not showing too much but it is playing peekaboo!

I am genuinely in love with how this dress looks on Blake, she looked absolutely beautiful and was glowing all over, the dress most definitely looked like it was made perfectly for her!
She paired her look with Louboutin's ''Anna'' sandal which is definitely a better choice than a platform as it would've made the dress look heavy rather than floaty and carefree.

Since Blake was my favourite of the night, I'm going to be adding a heck load of pictures, I'm obsessed with it! Doesn't she just look angelic?

Looking like a million dollars, Blake was all shades of warmth on the night! Her newly dyed red hair had faded to a coppery tone yet looked very strawberry blonde and was in perfect waves that defined her face so beautifully. Her make-up on the night had a lot of bronze and gold tones, as she usually does on her eyes and had lashings of mascara on, her lips were kept nude and glossy. All in all I think she looked drop-dead gorgeous, totally stole the show in my opinion!

Blake wore the most beautiful, amazing, gorgeous and unforgettable Lorraine Schwartz cuff I've ever seen, I'm literally obsessed with it! It's a large coral star cuff clad in diamonds but with the most beautiful coral colour to it. She wore it with other similar looking bangles which I'm sure went together anyway, point is: it blew me away, its one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery I've seen in a while! The colours and design are insane, Blake is so lucky!!

And of course I couldn't leave without a pic of Blake & the amazing Karl, we have him to thank for all those beautiful Chanel dresses on the red carpet: Karl, we salute you!
P.S. Look at her smile : D !!

Til' next year! And I love you Lee Alexander McQueen!

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