Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Leighton in London!

On Thursday, 9th June Leighton Meester and Vera Wang travelled to London for a visit to Harrods to launch Vera's new fragrance Love Struck and sign perfume bottles for fans! I'm sure you're thinking ''Well, did you go for the signing etc..'' and the answer is I didn't, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and something I will regret for a long time, trust me! I was all set to go with my bff and then she bailed on me when she realised Harrods was in LDN (seriously, how stupid can one be?!) and me being me I really didn't want to go alone in case I got lost (lol) and I had lessons that day which to be honest I would've skipped if it meant going but :'( I was even sadder after I saw pics of Leighton in Harrods signing and taking pics with fans, how I will regret this!!

Moving on though, can't dwell on the past, right? Leighton looked gorgeous as always and in my opinion more beautiful than ever (if that's even possible!), her and Vera make a great team and I can't wait to try Love Struck! Here are pics of the event:

Leighton was looking amazing in a Vera Wang Fall 2011 RTW pleated top and black leather pants from the same collection. I'm in love with the pleated top, its a different colour to the catwalk version, which is black but I like this a lot more because the detail really shows through and its a great colour on Leigh! 

Another picture of Leighton with her perfume while looking stunning, I think she looks even better than she did at the MTV Movie Awards which is pretty hard to top of! I'm just loving what she's wearing and those shoes are Brian Atwood's ''Rina'' platform sandals btw!

Vera and Leighton posing with the LoveStruck bottle, aren't they adorable? In the interviews they gave they were so complementary of each other and as Vera put it ''I really wanted Leighton because she's such an incredible actor, she's also incredibly beautiful so the combination for me was perfect, she's a perfect girl!'' ...the sweetest thing and incredibly flattering! 

You didn't think I was going to go without a close-up did you, when it comes to Leigh, I never leave without a close-up of her beautiful face! Leigh's hair was pretty much the same colour as before except she'd removed the extensions and the ends weren't as blonde as they were on  June 5th. I actually think she looks better without the extra long extensions but I definitely love her hair colour, it suits her a hell of a lot, very sun kissed! As far as make-up goes, she'd gone for a very dark pink eye-shadow  with lots of Kohl liner and mascara (I do love a smokey eye!) and the rest was just very sun kissed as I said before with little colour on the lips. She really is perfect looking! 

A little while later Leighton attended a dinner to celebrate Vera's first store in London, guests included Vera (obviously) and Jimmy Choo's Tamara Mellon!  She was looking as beautiful as ever in a lovely dress which was presumably a Vera design and a little chain bag, her hair & make-up was the same as before except she'd added a very bright red to her lips which looked gorgeous against her tanned skin! 

And if you haven't already seen the advert, here it is, Leighton looking as amazing as ever...

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