Saturday, 18 June 2011

Blake Lively at Green Lantern Premiere!

The Green Lantern Premiere took place on June 15th to a huge crowd of fans and photographers in LA, its two leading stars Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds attended and both looked fantastic! I was so stoked for this Premiere because I knew Blake would pull out all the stops when it comes to fashion and trust me, she didn't disappoint!
Blake also bought her whole family with her to the Premiere and the Lively clan all posed with their star daughter/sister/aunt on the green carpet, so adorable!

Oh My God! I was breath taken when I saw Blake in this beautiful/amazing/angelic Chanel Spring 2009 Haute Couture dress! Doesn't she just look heavenly and delicious? This is the exact reason I always get excited for Blake's red carpet appearances, she always makes a huge effort and I love her for it! She's such a glamorous and sophisticated young woman and her take on clothing/fashion really exudes that, she really is an inspiration and an icon for me. 
Also, I think the flower embroidery adds such a romantic feeling to it, especially the way it falls at the bottom, its very sensual!

A cool fact about Blake's dress is that it's really a wedding dress, or at least that's how it was presented on the runway, they have however modified it for Blake so that its more wearable e.g the top half isn't as sheer as it was originally, although you can still see her sensational legs in the sheer tulle bottom didn't think she covered up completely, did you?
As always, Blake was loyal to her favourite shoe designer, Christian Louboutin by wearing his ''Fifi Strass'' pumps which were covered in crystals, you should all know by now that Blake + Chanel + Christian Louboutin = Perfection! 

Blake blew me away in all aspects at the premiere, she looked like such a goddess. I loved how natural she looked, she had a really healthy glow to her skin and was lightly tanned. Her eye make-up was gorgeous, it was Blake's usual gold/bronze eye except intensified with black liner and false lashes which she doesn't tend to wear, her eyes looked very sultry and her pink lip gloss added a real youthfulness to it all. She just looked beautiful, that's all there is to it! 

Like any other Blake obsessed person, her hair was one of my favourite things about her whole look! Her hair was looking really blonde with all shades of warmness, it just looks so amazing I can't quite get over it and I love that she's matched her eyebrows to her hair, it really helps to pull the look together! 
Obviously I'm not going to push past that amazing, messy and unique braid, people, I love that she experimented with her hair rather than leaving it down and wavy as most people would've done, had they worn Blake's dress. 
 I LOVE it, I want it and I'm going to try it at home, lol. 

You guys didn't think I wasnt going to mention this amazing Lorraine Schwartz Yellow and White Diamond Flower Pin did you? I mean, just look at screams glamour and gorgeousness. Blake's hair colour is almost exactly the same as the pin itself but all those yellow and white diamonds cant go unnoticed, not to mention that beautiful flower shape, my favourite piece of jewellery of Blake's for this appearance! <3!

Naturally, Blake wore a heavy load of Lorraine Schwartz jewellery and she really went all out at her première! In the picture above she's wearing beautiful bracelets, bangles and various others all in the same colour spectrum of yellow and white diamonds which looked perfect next to her crisp white dress! P.S. Blonde ladies out there: follow Blake and wear white more often, you'll look angelic! 

Now because she wore so much jewellery on her right arm it was only right to add some diamonds to her left, she wore a Yellow Diamond and Ruby Ring which I love, the yellow diamonds just sparkle like crazy, they're probably my favourite diamonds of all! 

Blake and her hot co-star Ryan Reynolds, isn't he just delicious? Blake is one lucky girl to have gotten so close to him in the movie, he's dreamy <3!

The Lively clan all came out to support their lovely Blake, such an adorable family! L-R
Robyn Lively(half-sister), Ernie Lively (daddy), Elaine Lively (mummy), Blake, Nephews, Lori Lively (half-sister) and Jason (half-brother). 

Hope you enjoyed it, can't wait for more Blake appearances <3! 

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