Friday, 4 March 2011

CHANEL Hosts Intimate Dinner in Honour of Blake Lively in NYC.

On Wednesday night Chanel hosted an Intimate Dinner in Honour of Blake Lively in New York, she is their newest ambassador and face of the Mademoiselle Bag's line which is due to be showcased around April...very exciting! How beautiful and happy does she look?

Blake wore this gorgeous Spring 2009 Haute Couture dress at the Dinner, it was a very romantic outfit. Everything she was wearing was either white or pale pink, I thought she looked amazing! Very Chanel like indeed!

Here's the full outfit and those amazing Lolo 69 Louboutins! Many were saying it's very 'Black Swan' looking because of the ballet like shoes and I agree it's gorgeous!

Looking as gorgeous as ever Blake had her usual make-up look, fresh faced with a little smoke on the eyes and a glossy lip! Her jewellery was all by Lorraine Schwartz, those gorgeous platinum green earrings are stunning!

And that amazing hair of hers was tied up messily, I'm just obsessed with Blake's hair...the colour, the styles she tries are all amazing in my books and this is no different! It's a nice contrast to the proper dress and accessories, she's not too done up! Love love love!

P.S: As reported earlier in the week, Blake did not say that her attending the Chanel show on Tuesday would be 'tacky' she herself said she can't make it because of Gossip Girl commitments, however she will attend the dinner on the weekend so I'll keep my eyes open for that!
Such a stupid rumour, not too long ago at the Elle Style Awards she said that she was desperate to attend the Burberry show in London but couldn't because of could she have said this yet called attending shows 'tacky', stupid tabloids!

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